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Sale Finds at Hi-Top Supermart

Dated: 19 Feb 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Mommy goes shopping

I work near Hi-Top Supermart in Quezon Ave., isang tumbling lang. I love doing my grocery here because they have the cheapest prices, mas mura pa kesa Puregold. There are items na 10 pesos cheaper sa Hi-Top. Ang pinaka-inaabangan ko talaga dyan eh yung mga sale items nila, I always check out the chocolates section for 50% off chocolates :p. And then upon entering the turnstile entrance, andun na yung mga sale items (near expiry or promotional) which varies everyday, depends on the stocks. So let me show you my sulit sale finds when we had our grocery last week. Some of the items might not be available anymore ha…. baka ubos na.

Franzia red wine 3L, 30% off. Papa is a wine drinker, yan na lang ang panglambing ko sa kanya. Original price is Php 588+ but with the discount, I saved 200 pesos. May iba pang flavors when I bought a few days ago, California Red and Sunset Blush. Yesterday, Sunset Blush na lang ang nakita ko, not sure if they will restock.

Franzia Chillable Red

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If you’re pregnant and you know it, notify SSS

Dated: 12 Feb 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Pregnancy

A friend asked me what are the things to prepare while she’s pregnant aside from shopping things for the baby and her monthly check-up. At first, I can’t remember other important things to do other than thinking of baby’s name but then it occurred to me the most important thing. You have to notify SSS of your pregnancy as soon as you become pregnant.

sss maternity notification

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In the Kitchen | Tuna Asparagus Pasta

Dated: 22 Jan 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: In the kitchen

In the Kitchen will be the category where I will post some of the recipes I cook for my family. I promise you these are super-duper easy recipes because I’m really not an expert in the kitchen plus the fact that I don’t want recipes with so many steps/how-tos. Just 4-6 instructions, anything more than that, I skip the page of my recipe book and look for simpler recipes. So newbies in the kitchen, I hope you’ll try my recipes or suggestions and let’s share kitchen secrets!

Just last week, I received a package containing Nestle All Purpose Cream thru Nuffnang Philippines with some ingredients for a pasta dish. It looks like the package arrived a bit late because it’s supposed to be something for the Christmas festivities. But with a print-out of a pasta recipe***, an EVOO, a box of penne pasta, and Nestle All Purpose Cream, I figured I can whip up a feast anytime! Hence, our #OUFT, or “Our Ulam for Tonight”! Not exactly an “ulam” but I just want to use the hashtag :p.

tuna asparagus pasta recipe

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Gymboree Promo

Dated: 20 Jan 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Toys & Play

We were at Trinoma last Thursday for some errands and Gwen was with us. We have a lot of things to do in our errands list that’s why we looked for a play area for her. We went to Trinoma’s 3rd Level and saw one play area in front of Mothercare (forgot the name). But we saw that it’s almost full, then we saw Gymboree, at first, I thought that it’s only for members with classes, turns out that they also accept non-members to enjoy their Gym Play. I inquired about the rates and the staff said that for non-members, Gym Play rate is Php 380 per hour, but they have an on going promo which is additional 1 hour, so our Php 380 will be 2 hours!

Here’s the existing Gymplay rates at Gymboree Trinoma:

Gymboree Gymplay rates

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What couples can learn from Pope Francis

Dated: 17 Jan 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Family matters

How are you mommies? I’m sure all of us have caught up with the #PapalVisitPH. Pope Francis really brought a miracle to this country. Aesthetically, as seen from FB feed, Manila is clean, parang Singapore daw. :). As a country, I’m so proud that people are disciplined, kahit nga yata walang barricades in Roxas Boulevard, people will still respect the distance set by the authorities just to secure Pope Francis. Nakakaproud because kaya naman pala nating mga Pinoy! Sana araw-araw ganito no? :)

We didn’t go out of the house though, we just watch Pope Francis and his activities on TV. I really love Pope Francis! One thing that struck me during his speech at MOA Arena is this:

Pope Francis quotes

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Tom and Jerry in McDonald’s Happy Meals

Dated: 8 Jan 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Toys

Our favorite cartoon characters from childhood is the star in the latest McDonald’s Happy Meal, Tom and Jerry! We were on our way to work and I saw the McDonald’s new poster for their happy meal toys.

McDonald's Happy Meal toys Tom and Jerry

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys featuring Tom and Jerry

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Week 10: Watch & Win #MultipleIntelligence contest

Dated: 7 Jan 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Contests Events Freebies and Giveaways

In our previous weeks, I showed you how Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez chooses #MultipleIntelligence. This time, it’s Giselle Tongi-Walters turn to share to you why she chooses #MultipleIntelligence for her son Kenobi.

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Baguio-Sagada-Baguio Sojourn

Dated: 4 Jan 2015
Posted by misisb
Category: Family travels

Our Baguio-Sagada-Baguio trip was the most tiring one thus far, but it’s the sweetest way to seal the year after starting it with our Batanes trip January of 2014. The original plan was to take a bus to Banaue, then ride the van or jeepneys going to Sagada. But I don’t know if the bus lines from Manila to Banaue takes reservations and I anticipated that there will be long lines via that bus route. Aside from that, we’re still undecided if we’re going to push the trip all the way to Sagada or just go to Baguio for the cold weather. At dahil gusto talaga naming umalis, I booked the Joybus going to Baguio for December 26, from there, bahala na si Batman kung tutuloy sa Sagada.

December 26, 2014: Baguio

We left Manila at 4 am, very comfortable naman ang Joybus at mabilis pa, so after 5 hours, we’re already in Baguio. We just left our things at Dely’s Inn, had breakfast at Good Taste Restaurant, and then proceeded to the playground at Burnham Park. We napped for around 2 hours back at the hotel. Gwen is so excited going back to Wright Park to ride a horse kaya di pwede mawala sa itinerary yun, after our nap, we rode a taxi going to Wright Park. Ang traffic sa Baguio during that time, naglakad na lang kami passing by Botanical Garden, Ketchup Food Community, then Wright Park.

wright park in baguio

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New Year Noms: Foods that bring good luck for the New Year

Dated: 31 Dec 2014
Posted by misisb
Category: Misis B

Hello there! We just got back from our Baguio-Sagada sojourn. We wanted to stay in Sagada or Baguio for the New Year but we have commitments with our family that we spend the New Year with them. Right now, we’re at Nanay’s house for the Media Noche and we’re spending the day with Jeff’s family.

shrimp for the new year

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Santa came on Gwen’s 4th birthday

Dated: 23 Dec 2014
Posted by misisb
Category: My Toddler

December 22, 3 days ’til Christmas and it’s Gwen’s 4th birthday. Just like her 2nd and 3rd birthday, it will just be a simple celebration with the family. We plan to celebrate it at a resto but we were already on the road since Saturday and we don’t want to deal with the hellish traffic.

A day before her birthday, we asked her Christmas wish. We already knew she wants a bike for Christmas, and we already bought the bike and kept it at the storage room. Just the same, Jeff helped her make a letter to Santa.

Gwen's wish

Dear Santa… yup, that’s her handwriting right there

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