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Just plain puzzle mats please…

Dated: 3 Apr 2012
Posted by misisb
Categoiry: Home stuff

When you have kids at home, puzzle mats are a must! They are the must-buys when baby proofing/kid proofing your home. We bought large and small sizes of puzzle mats, they really served their purpose on protecting Gwen from accidents especially when she started walking. They even protected our gadgets whenever our nephew/niece throws out our phones or my brother’s Playbook.

One thing I learned the hard way is this…

I had to major cleaning and I had to disassemble all the puzzle mats. The big and plain ones were easy to assemble/disassemble, but the alphabet ones…

Now I know my ABCs, next time, just buy the plain puzzle mats. It’s better to buy the big ones, 24×24 squares instead of the 12×12 squares.

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10 Responses to “Just plain puzzle mats please…”

  1. Khaye Says:

    I learned this the hard way too. My son keeps on removing the letters from the mats and the picture of disassembled puzzles right there is the ordinary scene in my house every single day!

    Next time yes, buy the big and plain ones!


  2. aeirin Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep that in mind…. buy the big and plain ones! =)


  3. peachkins Says:

    I bought large plain rubber mats… buti na lang.. LOL!


  4. jared's mum Says:

    it was a good thing we experienced that with my nephew, so when it is my turn to buy a puzzle mat for my baby, i opted for the plain ones which are easier to fix + re-assemble during cleaning time. Jared has graduated from these mats + it now serves as a mat for our mattress when we chucked the bed so the little man won’t fall off 😀


  5. rc gweniful Says:

    buti na lang graduate na anak ko jan. i also had a hard time cleaning the mats. you’re not alone. 😉


  6. jem alvarado Says:

    Same here sis. I prefer plain mats. I actually have that kind of mat in the photo given as a gift and from my experience it is tiring to assemble and re-assemble it.


  7. Tina Says:

    I bought small mats before but after some time, I took it off kasi doon nagtatago ang mga dust..


  8. levy Says:

    hay ako din maling mali, at ang una ko nabili yung di tanggal… ang hirap magbalik


  9. Sammy Says:

    we have these alphabet mats too! pero dahil sa perwisyo, nakatambak na sya sa storage. we’re buying the big plain ones nalang talaga.


  10. Momsterteacher Says:

    Raviv ALWAYS removes the small pieces!


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